Month: April 2023

Made – Make the Most of Your Kitchen

Made – Make the Most of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, a gathering point for families and friends and a place for cooking, eating, and socializing. The kitchen is also a space that should be well-designed and equipped to accommodate the way you live. We’re here to help you make the most of your kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, where the family gathers around meals and shares laughter. It is where families create memories together and nurture their most essential relationships. It is also the place where everyone comes together to clean up messes, work on projects and enjoy each other’s company. We have a wide variety of products to bring your kitchen to life. We want to help you create a space that is truly yours, filled with things that delight and inspire you and remind you of your best self. The Kitchen is the most important room in your home, so make sure to shop for the perfect products that will help you make it feel like your dream home.

A well-designed open-plan kitchen can work wonders for a family home, allowing everyone to socialize and cook together. This design concept can be adapted to a wide range of spaces, from studio apartments to large family homes.

As with any kitchen layout, creating ‘zones’ around the main functions of the room is key to making an open space feel like it has defined boundaries and can be achieved by installing semi-permanent partitions, dividers, or sliding pocket doors.

Using wood or other durable floorings in the living area can also break up an open-plan kitchen design and make it cozier by softening the impact of hard floor surfaces. To add an even more personalized feel, rugs can be hung around seating areas to ‘break up’ the look and feel of the space.

Another way to create a sense of separation is to place your furniture along one wall in the kitchen, or at the edge of an island/peninsula. This will clearly define the line of sight from the kitchen to the living space so that when you’re seated you won’t be looking into the kitchen, but out to the rest of the room.